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Earth science data refers to any information collected about the Earth and its various systems, including the oceans, geomagnetic fields, gravity, the atmosphere, through to space radiation. Data can come from disparate sources: satellite observations, remote sensing, ground-based measurements, and predictive models. Many industries need access to historical or forecast earth science data, whether for technology development, for planning of safe and efficient operations, or for regulatory compliance.

Accessing predictive Earth science models and data is often difficult. Our API products abstract complexity and allow software developers to integrate earth science data directly into their software systems, in a matter of minutes. They automate data workflows in our customers' software, saving them valuable resources, of creating offerings for their customers that would otherwise not be possible, generating them revenue.


Forecast ocean currents, temperature, and salinity for maritime operations. Access hindcast and forecast biogeochemistry models for shipping efficiency calculations.

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aviation radiation

Monitor occupational exposures of aircrew to cosmic radiation, historical and forecast, for record keeping and regulatory compliance.

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Magnetic variation values on a given date, altitude, latitude and longitude, for accurate compass navigation.

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Gravity and geoid information used for surveying or to build virtual maps for autonomous navigation.

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space radiation

Galactic cosmic and trapped radiation environment models to assess space radiation exposure to personnel and spacecraft.

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Composition, density, and wind model data for satellite orbit analysis and aviation fuel efficiency calculations.

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open source

In the process of developing Web APIs, the associated scientific data management automation pipelines, API user management systems, test suites, and CD/CI pipelines, we sometimes create light-weight tools that make our workflows easier. It is rewarding to give back to the community with these open source projects:

async_api_caller - Making asynchronous web API calls using Python's asyncio is pretty complicated. This package abstracts away complexity for the common case of needing to make multiple web API calls while varying query parameters.

map_plotter - Abstracts away some complexity of using the Python packages cartopy/matplotib to create global intensity maps of a quantity.

file_unittest - This package provides a way to create and run Python unit tests based on text-based files aka golden testing. Its purpose is to allow the user to generate a set of text files (golden files) which are then re-generated and compared whenever the tested code-base changes.

We hope you find those useful too, and we look forward to release more tools shortly.